CCM3 Architects, LTD

Under the direction of Charles C. MacLean III, the architectural firm of CCM3 Architects, Ltd. has established a 25 year reputation of providing a high level of design excellence in the field of Architecture and Master Planning. The philosophy of the firm has been based upon the concept that the highest standards of design should be utilized as the foundation upon which successful Projects are realized.

In order to achieve the most effecting and relevant design solution for each Project, CCM3 begins the design process with a detailed evaluation of the specific needs and expertise that will be required to most effectively achieve the Client’s objectives. Based upon the results of the Project Evaluation Process, a Specialized Design Team of architects and engineers is assembled. The Project Design Team works together to provide creative thinking and technical expertise from the earliest stages of the Conceptual Design Phase through the development of the Design and Construction Documents Phase and continued through the Construction Administration Phase.

With the utilization of the Specialized Design Team concept, CCM3 Architects assures each client that their Project will receive detailed management of the Design Process as related to function, aesthetics, planning, engineering, budget, schedule and quality of construction.

As a result of the extensive experience that CCM3 has developed related to Master Planning and Architectural Design, the firm has developed and maintained many longstanding relationships with the municipalities throughout the of the United States. Consequently, the firm has a broad base of expertise to offer their clients on issues related to Land Zoning Modifications as well as assistance related to coordination with appropriate government agencies and community representatives.

CCM3 offers professional architectural registration in many locations throughout the United States as well as International locations including the Caribbean and the Pacific Rim Regions.

Although well recognized for the design of both large and small projects, CCM3 has maintained a small and personal size firm in order to assure the direct involvement of Charles C. MacLean III on every Project that is commissioned to the firm. By blending the Clients’ needs and preferences together with the diversified capabilities of the CCM3 Specialized Design Team, the opportunity for excellence in design can be achieved.